Classification: Protestant

Orientation: Catholicism

Polity: Episcopal, the IAoC is Congregationalist

Region: As of 2014 Canada

Founder: Most Rev. Eric. M. Gagnon

Origin: 1978/79, Chaplaincy 2010

Location: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Members: 194 Total of Class A & B

Official website:

"We accept any Christian who devoutly, sincerely, thoughtfully, seriously, and prayerfully regards themselves as Christian. If they honestly believe they follow Jesus of Nazareth's teachings as they understand them to be."

There are many ways of classifying the over 34,000 separate Christian groups in the world that consider themselves to be Christian, from the Amish to The Way.

What We Believe

We believe in the one, true, living God

Sovereign over creation

Humanity is the greatest creation, and

He gave us the capacity to love and reason

All Creeds

Apostles' Creed

Creed of Nicaea

Nicene Creed

Chalcedonian Creed

Athanasian Creed

The Didache

The Creed of Aristides of Athens

The Creed of Cyprian of Carthage

The Der Balyzeh Papyrus

The Creeds of Arius and Euzoius

The Creed of Alexander of Alexandria

The First Synod of Antioch

The Second Dedication of Antioch

The Baptismal Creed of Jerusalem

The Apostolic Constitutions

World Evangelical Alliance Statement of Faith

National Association of Evangelicals

The Unaltered Augsburg Confession,

The Doctrine of the African Orthodox Church

Westminster Confession of Faith

Common Declaration of Pope John Paul II

A New Creed United Church of Canada

The Statement of Faith of the American Baptist Association

The Statement of Beliefs of the North American Baptist Conference

The Orthodox Creed

The Free-will Baptist Confession

The Holy Spirit and the Catholicity of the Church

The Church's Unity, World Council of Churches

The Unitarian Creed

The Universal Creeds

Base our theology on "Only One God ".

From various doctrines, methods or styles where those parts are considered the best to our knowledge that make sense by reason. God is a single power defined as the One or All, composed of everything it has ever created. This supreme energy force does not rule over the Universe; He is the Universe; He is the Cosmic Christ.

We will greet all Christians no matter in which denomination as long that is in respect of each other..