Courses to equip Christians. We offer these courses free to anyone who has the desire to pursue a deeper knowledge of the Bible accessed by students from all over the world. Once you have completed all our courses you will be awarded the Associate in Biblical Studies degree

The Associate of Biblical Studies degree is designed to equip students to effectively study the Scriptures and offers training in general studies areas. It can lead you to a Lay leader volunteer at HBASC.

While you may take courses at your own pace, our courses are designed to take twelve(12) weeks to complete. If there are more than twelve lessons in the course you need to divide the total number of lessons by twelve(12) to figure out how many lessons you should be completing each week. If you are able to complete up to twenty(20) courses in the course of one year. This would be a significant workload so we recommend that you take no more than ten(10) courses per year which would allow you to earn your

Associate in Biblical Studies degree.

Harvestime Bible Academy Courses under the direction of the

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attestation programs in places where it's difficult to attend a Bible College or School in the city

Cost Free

A donation of any amount would be appreciated. You may donate online here

The online Seminary is where you can affordably pursue your goals of more knowledge about the Bible and college-level study for Ministry and Bachelors's degrees.

Independent Catholic Ministry and our church partners.

How to Get Started

Getting started is easy at the Harvestime Bible Academy & Seminary Just fill in the form on Applying  Page (please note that it may take two days or up to 7 days [very rare]

for you to receive your information).


EMHBA study is a no-nonsense, serious Bible course for the person who really wants to know and understand God's word.

EMHBA we will tell you the difference between the gospels and the historic events. Attention our Bible Study Program will include parts or complete own catechism to differentiate us from any

other studying programs offered on TV, the Net or elsewhere.

We are a Faith based, non-profit corporation, totally supported by the donations of our partners and supporters. Eric Michel Ministries International is involved in numerous ministries, all for the glory of God, and to further His Word. We have never paid any person for any work done for the Lord. We truly believe that God will provide for the needs of those that do His will, and know He has and will continue to provide the needs of our ministries in addition we firmly believe that we all must be good stewards of what God entrusts us with, using wisely the resources and funds that He provides for His work. Our fees are to cover the facility location and maintenance. All classes have to include a minimum of 20 students.

Free Bible Lessons

All Courses in a small groups, 5 to 7 students, are Free and done in a private home, each week we choose a host among our students.

There is no cost involved for the lessons not even for your attestations, we believe in making biblical foundations available to everyone who wishes to deepen their understanding of God and the Bible outside a normal setting. The free small group lessons are exactly the same as the larger group but we do not go as deeply in our teaching. The large group could be a step before being a student at the seminary.

When you will host a Bible study in your home and if you have children, in that case, an afternoon study may be best, as we won't need to worry about getting home or putting the kids to bed. If there are several students with children, we may want to find a couple of teenagers who would be willing to babysit for a few hours while you hold the Bible study group.


We will start each session off with a meal or snack. Everybody brings a dish to pass to cut down expenses.

Or it could be serving something simple like coffee and desserts.

Before the snack, we will have a time of prayer and/or singing.

At the first small group Bible study meeting, we will have an informal session where we get to know each other and then ask each person what topic they would like to learn more about.

Many of our curriculum have DVD teachings we will need pieces of equipment for this part. We cover many of the fundamental teachings of the Christian faith that are necessary for continued

spiritual growth.

Major Themes are studies on the most important topics in Scripture



Gospels & Revelation Small & Large Grp

The New Testament


The Books Of History

Evangelism For Large Grp 

Mission For Large Grp

Discipleship For Large Grp

Other courses offered


See details page Other Bible Academic Course (With conditions)

"Carry the Glorious Gospel" into the world. Supporting  Eric Michel Ministries International

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