How Much Tech Is “Too Much” For Your Kids? 5 Ways To Tell (And 5 Ways To Fix it)

As Millennial parents, my husband and I have grappled with the issue of moderating screen time for ourselves and our children. Whether we want to admit it or not, technology is inescapable, but that’s all the more reason to take seriously our responsibility to facilitate the safe use of screens and tech while our kids are under our roof.

This issue is so important to Dave and me that we’ve even incorporated some of the concepts below into our new book by EWTN Publishing, The Prayer Book for Tired Parents: Practical Ways to Grow in Love of God and Get Your Family to Heaven. It’s part of a larger strategy to regain control of family life, raise holy kids in a secular world, and experience God’s peace in our homes.

Are your kids getting too much tech?

Ask yourself these five questions:

So what do you do when you realize your kids are getting too much tech time?

Here are some practical strategies for taking back control of technology in your home, which you’ll find apply to EVERY member of the household, and not just the kids:

Seeing the change in our kids after curtailing technology sometimes makes me regret ever turning it on in the first place. Praise be to God that He’s given us the will and the intellect to get ourselves unstuck from technology and the grip the secular world had on us. He can do the same for you too! For more practical ways to grow in love of God and get your family to heaven, head over to