The Best Catholic Kids Books: Lion And Lamb Book Box Subscription

The books you read are important to the spiritual well being of your family. Jessica Thornton shares how to choose books that you can trust will lead your children closer to Christ.

Can Catholics Trust Kid’s Books?

Parents don’t have the time to review everything their kids are reading. And, there’s no telling what they are finding at school or in public libraries. As parents, we decided to create a way to support families while encouraging children to embrace the joy of reading. Nothing is more anticipated by a child than a gift in the mail from the people they love – especially when that gift is a good book to be shared by family. Lion & Lamb delivers 3-4 classics and new releases vetted by religious sisters and moms by age group to your front door every three months. 

Pulling from timeless literary treasures, undiscovered classics, and new Catholic releases, we ensure each selection forms your child’s Catholic identity. Broken into 3 categories: Duckling is for infants and toddlers, Lamb is for early readers and Lion is for kids reading chapter books on their own. While every book might not be about a Catholic saint, each book’s themes will support a Catholic worldview. Our conversation starters and support materials add untold depth to the stories, challenging young readers and providing opportunity for families to grow together.

Included in the boxes are 3-4 books, discussion questions to support parents at bedtime and bonus gifts like stickers, rosaries and other items tied to the liturgical calendar. 

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Lion & Lamb is a new Catholic children’s book subscription box that helps families pass down the faith through good stories and character-forming bedtime conversations. A signature offering from Catholic Ventures, Lion & Lamb seasonal subscription boxes are curated for three different age ranges and contain stickers, discussion questions, and three to five books that have been vetted by Catholic moms to help parents make age-appropriate connections to the Liturgical Calendar, Catholic teachings, and virtues. Lion & Lamb aims to fill Catholics’ homes with quality books for children that uplift and emphasize the Catholic faith.