The EMMI  Independent Catholic Ministry is governed by a "General Episcopal Synods" of all bishops under the General Assembly Symposium of The Interdenominational Assembly of Churches, governed by all its members who recognize its authority. The Symposium meets formally once a year in January or February, and they elect a presiding bishop for life from among themselves. The Presiding Bishop of the House of Bishops oversees all religious aspects of the organization. Also, a House of Elders overlooks the material elements under the Chair of the Archbishop and the Divine Sofia.

The Archbishop is the presidential bishop, the Most Reverend Eric Michel, Primus of the Eric Michel Ministries International, which includes the Interdenominational Assembly of Churches Ministry, an international association of churches and para-churches; Director of Footsteps of Jesus Seminary and Bible Academy, Commander of EMMI Chaplaincy; Co-Founder of New Hope Ministry & Missions, founder of Canadian Harverstime  Bible Academy and the FAICL from Notre-Dame Monotheist Catholic Ministry. 

He was ordained bi-vocational Christian Gnostic Priest on December 7th, 1988, By Bishop T.T. Wally of Johannite Ministry of Albany, N.Y. and Co-Ordained Minister in 2012 by B Crow Feather at Open Door - Open Faith Church in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma.

The RTT Ministry

In 2012, Rev. Eric Michel met Rev. Marie Yvonne on social networking and became friends and spouse  We had several discussions concerning the Metaphysic and the Baptist Faith of which she were a member. The discussion became more interesting as they spoke about the Christian faith, the usage of the Bible, the historical Jesus, the history of the church, etc. 

Rev. Eric had left Belleville Ontario and moved to Trois-Rivières Quebec, while Rev. Marie was living in Jeddore Nova Scotia. To continue the religious rites, Rev. Eric became associated with the Église Évangélique Chrétienne de Lorraine as a Celebrant Pastor and working in his own chaplaincy ministry. Rev. Marie from the United Baptist in Atlantic Canada pursued her goal at the University of Sedona. 

After three years of work, the Non-Denominational Christian Chaplaincy became a ministry under Eric Michel Ministries International a Multi-Denominal Fellowship. From experiences as a gnostic before being a Christian Catholic the Rev. Eric never let go of these philosophy-faith traditions and incorporate them in the Catholic Baptist who reflect more the New Spirituality. The Rev. Eric does teach his theology via his work as a chaplain and spends his ministry teaching people how Christ deals with the practical concerns of their lives, family, work, pain, addictions, spirituality, and so forth. The Rev. Marie via her New Hope Ministry and Missions teaches a Center Christianity.

EMMI chaplains performed a variety of duties. They respond with first responders, Truckers, Travellers and animals and the ones that love them, acted as personal counsellors, and visited the sick. 

We are an international fellowship of Fire-Rescue Chaplains. From here you can learn about us, check out the news, explore membership, and investigate our Biblical training.

The mission of the Chaplaincy is to give aid, comfort and help to firefighters and their families; to work toward all areas of the fire and emergency service. To serve God and our communities by serving others with harmony and respect, a unifying spirit of love for God and each other. 

As Fire Chaplains, our work is not limited to the area of fire departments, firefighters, communities, or victims of the devastating ravages of fire or other crises. We shall strive to help ease the suffering of our fellow man wherever our paths shall lead. However, as a base for our work, we have chosen the  Fire Service and acknowledge one of the most dangerous professions, and fire victims, whose suffering is that most beyond description.

“This Roman Catholic Communion Eastern Latin Rite is one in matters of Faith with the Church established by successors of the Bishop of Rome. It embraces all such doctrine of the Apostolic See of Rome, and it condemns all heresies and other errors condemned by that same See.  We are not affiliated with anyone who rejects this principle of unity with the Holy See.

The EMMI Catholic Independent Church EMMI Monotheist Catholic Ministry adheres to the beliefs as stated in the Universal Creed. 

The EMMI Catholic embraces the traditional threefold ministry of bishops, priests and deacons. While the church firmly believes that church governance and ministry are the responsibility of all the faithful, it is also recognized that some within the church are called to sacramental ministry through the Sacrament of Holy Orders. These individuals are called by God to be exemplary role models and have a special role in the life of the church.

The clergy of the EMMI Catholic are not required to take a vow of celibacy. Like the apostles and the early church, our clergy are permitted to marry and have families of their own. For this reason, our clergy understand firsthand the joys and struggles that come with the Sacrament of Matrimony.

Women Priests

A vocation is a calling by God. The EMMI Catholic believes that the call to ordained ministry is not limited by gender. Women may be ordained to the priesthood and episcopal office of a bishop within the EMMI Catholic.

Gay and Lesbian Inclusiveness

We believe that some of God’s children are gay and lesbian because God has seen it fit to create them as such. All of God’s creation is good and as such, we welcome our gay and lesbian brothers and sisters in the fullness of the life of the church. We joyfully unite same-sex couples in the Sacrament of Matrimony and ordain qualified gays and lesbians called by God.

The Archbishop, as the first bishop, holds a special historical office and has the distinction of being “first among equals” among the world’s bishops. Because of this status, we have great respect for the archbishop and the church prays for him. 

The EMMI Catholic embraces an “Episcopal Polityl” of governance. Local parish communities maintain autonomy in their governance and function. A common set of standards for acceptance into ordained ministry for clergy is maintained across the church. Parish communities adhere to a core set of basic policies. The Archbishop is the presiding bishop of the church, he is elected by the ordained and lay representatives at the Symposium. S/he does serve for life and will not be reelected to continue to hold office. The presiding bishop serves in an important teaching capacity and serves as the voice of the church. The presiding bishop also exercises the important sacramental functions of the Office of Bishop and is entrusted with the responsibility of ordaining qualified candidates to the diaconate and priesthood.

Resources for Christian Education

The purpose of our Christian Education area is to provide fundamental information about the Bible, where it came from, where to find various books or topics, and the history of the books it contains. This information is useful to new Christians especially, but also to any who are interested in the history and origins of the various books of the bible. The information provided is condensed from numerous authoritative sources including books, magazines, textbooks, and individuals. Credit and URL links are provided where applicable. We do not provide theological interpretation of the writings as there are numerous sites and devotional providers already available for that purpose. 

Sempre Christo Fidelis

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